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  • Minimum puncture with less pain
  • Smooth injection
  • Precise needle length

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  • Managing diabetes shouldn’t be a painful experience. Introducing our Diabetic Insulin Pen Tips, thoughtfully designed to make insulin injections as comfortable as possible.
  • Painless Precision: Experience virtually painless injections with every use. Our advanced Thin Wall Technology ensures a smooth and gentle entry, reducing discomfort during insulin delivery.
  • Accurate Dosage: Precision matters when managing diabetes. Our Insulin Pen Tips provide accurate and consistent dosage delivery, giving you peace of mind with each injection.
  • Compatible Convenience: Designed for use with diabetic insulin pens, our pen tips offer seamless compatibility with your existing equipment. No need for extra adapters or adjustments.
  • Living with diabetes presents enough challenges. Our Insulin Pen Tips aim to simplify and improve your daily routine.
  • Prioritize your well-being with Diabetic Insulin Pen Tips. Each box contains 100 pieces, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your diabetes management needs.
  • Choose comfort, choose precision. Order your box of 100 Diabetic Insulin Pen Tips today and experience a more painless approach to insulin injections.

Technicial Specifications

Premium Quality features

Pen Needles 29 G

29G (0,33mm) x 10 mm
29G (0,33mm) x 12 mm

Pen Needles 30 G

30G (0,30mm) x 6 mm
30G (0,30mm) x 8 mm

Pen Needles 31 G

31G (0,25mm) x 5 mm
31G (0,25mm) x 6 mm
31G (0,25mm) x 8 mm

Pen Needles 32 G

32G (0,23mm) x 4 mm

Ordering Information

Catalog Needle Size Needle Length Package pcs/box
IPN-29-12 29G 12mm 100
IPN-30-8 30G 8mm 100
IPN-31-4 31G 4mm 100
IPN-31-5 31G 5mm 100
IPN-31-6 31G 6mm 100
IPN-32-4 32G 4mm 100
IPN-32-5 32G 5mm 100
IPN-32-6 32G 6mm 100
IPN-33-4 33G 4mm 100

Fit for major brands of insulin pens

Insulin Pen Brand
Novo Nordisk InDuo® / InnoLet® / NovoPen® / NovoLet® / FlexPen®
Elii Lilly Humulin Pen® / Humalog Pen®
Sanofi-Aventis Lantus Solostar Pen® / OptiPen / OptiClick®
Owen Mumford Auto Pen®
Becton Dickinson BD Pen®
B.Braun Omnican Pen®
Berlin Chemie BerliPen®
Haselmeier DiaPen®
Customer Reviews us

Reviews of our happy customers

deborah metcalf / Just like the brand name

Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2023

My husband has to have this in order to take his shot. His store ran out and I convinced him to try these. Now this is all I get for him. More tips and less expensive.

Clive Gurman / essential item for most diabetics taking insulin

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 September 2023

I bought this item in advance of requirement as I normally do. I have not yet used any of the needles, but will add review when I start using them.

 Blanche Thomas / Thanks for quick delivery.

Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2023

Perfect size needles and received fast before I ran out. Thanks

 jerriann023 / Less cost, great quality, fast shipping

Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2023

The local pharmacy ran out of the pen tips mom usually buys, I found these on Amazon for less cost, arrived on time, and they work just as well as other more expensive brand. :O)

 Deanna Ludemann / Perfect replacement for what the pharmacy sold me

Reviewed in the United States on 5 September 2023

Loved the price! These are the same as what the pharmacy sold me for so much more. First time using needles on my Diabetic Mother, I’ll buy these as long as they are available!

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