• Lasts for 4+ months
  • Contributes to calcium uptake
  • Bone and muscle maintenance
  • Contributes to immune systemfunction
  • Easy to take
  • Fast Absorption

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Supplement Facts

Just 1 drop (0.5 ml) per serving
120 Servings per Bottle Lasts
for 4+ months

Per serving       (0.5ml)         %NRV
D3                    50mcg         1000%
K2                     25mcg          33%

*Daily Value Not Extablished


  • Elevate your well-being with the power of Vitamin D3 and K2, combined in our convenient Liquid Drops. Crafted to perfection, these drops are a testament to holistic health and vitality.
  • Heart Health: Your heart deserves the best. Our Vitamin D3 K2 Drops support cardiovascular health, ensuring your heart continues to beat strong and steady.
  • Immune Boost: Fortify your body’s natural defenses. These drops provide the immune support you need to thrive in a world of challenges.
  • Bone Strength: Building a strong foundation starts with your bones. Our formula promotes bone health, helping you stand tall and confident.
  • Vegan & Plant-Based: We believe in the power of nature. Our vegan formula is sourced from plant-based ingredients, making it a choice you can feel good about.
  • Allergen-Free: Free from gluten and soy, our drops are suitable for those with dietary restrictions or sensitivities.
  • GMO-Free: We’ve left out the genetically modified ingredients, because your health deserves nothing but pure, natural goodness.
  • Natural Orange Delight: Experience a burst of natural orange flavor with each drop, making your daily supplement routine a pleasant one.
  • Take charge of your health with Vitamin D3 K2 Liquid Drops. This 60 ml Dropper Bottle is your key to a healthier, more vibrant you.
  • Choose a supplement that aligns with your values and your health goals. Order your bottle today and embrace the journey to a better you.
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Reviews of our happy customers

 Shella / Tastes better than I expected.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 16 November 2022

It took me a while try this because I thought I wouldn’t like the taste ( past experience of having vitamin drops). I had some water ready to drink over it just incase but I didn’t need the water because it tasted better than I expected. This means I will caryy on taking it. I will have to compare prices with other vitamin D drops as these seem a little expensive but they may all be around this price. If it absorbs better and makes a difference then of course it’s definitely worth but will not see the affects straight away.

The Lone Hiker / Simple and effective

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 12 October 2022

Fantastic way of taking your vitamins for overall health and wellbeing… Especially useful over the winter months to help your immune system….

More specifically for your bones…. Tastes fantastic…. Also more easily absorbed my your body…
Try a bottle and see how you feel… Especially over the winter months…

Loveday Sweet / Very good form of vit D3+k2

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 18 September 2022

Reading all the ingredients and looking them up and researching them, this particular product appears to be of a very high standard supplying a good dose D3 +K2. It’s quite syrupy and I personally don’t like the taste, I find it a bit sickly, but that’s a personal choice that’s not reflective of the quality of this product….

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